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Talk & write
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Are you talking
to me?

Well, if you spend hours trying to write anything for your brand … then YES!

But writing for my brand
is a nightmare!

I know, and I used to hate it too. But reality is that it doesn’t
need to be that way. If you have the proper elements in
place, finding the right words becomes so much easier!

Let me show you how

I’ve done tons of courses and I’m still stuck!

That really sucks! But did any of those courses included a hands-on experience where they walked you through the behind-the-scenes of how they write, and at the end of it you had guidelines you could go back to at any time to create more content?
If the answer is no, then this is completely different.

Ok… tell me more

Did I tell your this course is a hands-on, LIVE course?

module 1 – from the customers’ lens


Getting to know you


What are your intentions?


How well you understand me?


Your personality is really important

module 2 – let’s do research


Understanding our customers’ problems


Finding customers’ specific language


A map to creating deeper connections

module 3 – a little about you


Key communication elements


What you offer


Define your customers’ wants & needs


How to define your brand’s tone of voice

module 4 – implementation time


Develop your one-liner


Develop your website copy


Develop your social media strategy


Develop your communications manuscript

Sounds good.

Now what?

  1.  Register for the training
  2. Create your communication manuscript
  3. Unlock your most creative self

I have questions!

Hopefully here you’ll find the answers…

What if something shows up and I can’t show to the live trainings?

We understand that life happens, that’s why all sessions will be recorded. 

Will I get feedback on my specific work?

If you purchased the VIP ticket, you’ll have a 1:1 call with me where you can bring all you’ve done through the course and we’ll review it together.

For how long will I have access to the modules?

This might sound strange, but you’ll have them FOR LIFE! 
The only content that will not be saved indefinitely are the live trainings, so we urge you to attend those.

Can I make installment payments?

Unfortunately, not at this time. We’re constantly evaluating new options to better serve our customers. If there’s a specific payment method you’d prefer, feel free to email us at We appreciate your feedback and will consider it for future implementation.

Does this program includes AI use/knowledge?

Yes, but to the bare minimum. We’ll show you how to use AI to support your writing, not to create content.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question, no hay problema,
email me at

What’s my investment?



What will I get?

√    Lifetime access to the training materials
√   A brand manifesto that will drive all of your communications
√   Clarity on how to write for your brand effortlessly
√   A clear idea of your brands’ tone of voice

What if I need
more help?

I have you covered!

For $200 more you can access the VIP experience and have a one 1:1 call with me. We’ll go over your brand manifesto, make sure your essence shows up, all of your key elements are aligned and boost your most creative self confidence.

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