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My background is very diverse. Before becoming a high-performance coach, I worked as a kindergarten teacher, music video and commercial producer and started my own graphic & web design company. 

My whole background allows me to have the patience of a teacher and the desire to provide knowledge; my producing background is the one that will show up to support you and keep you accountable and on target since I have the expertise in making things happen; my entrepreneurial background will help strategize and break down big projects / goals into small actionable steps; and finally my coaching side is the one that will help you break through your own limitations. We’ll work together on mindset, getting you focused on the right things, overcoming fears and reinforcing strengths.

I believe that my own journey was diagramed for me to be here today, serving you, helping you achieve the life you dream and deserve.

Laura Castro - High Performance Coach


My mission is to influence people, motivate them, help them see the light within themselves, uncover their untapped potential, and create a better place for all our future generations to come. I believe we all are capable of more and I'm in a mission to open the eyes and enlighten millions of lives.
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I'm different and I like it that way - but some people simply don’t understand it. I love to laugh just because I love life, I play full out. Sometimes I show tough love, not because I don't care, simply because of the opposite. I'll do whatever it takes to snap you out of your own excuses. If that bugs you, no hard feelings. But I have to be true to what I believe will serve you best.