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Today I was reading a book that so far I LOVE, it’s called “Lessons from my coach” by Amir Karkouti and I read a line that resembled in my head that read:

You don’t know the outcome until you ask.

It’s SO wise and simple that I just love it.

Something I have to admit is that my father (who I consider an amazing source of inspiration and a very wise man) told me that same phrase for as long as I can remember. I was used to made bold questions/requests, to not be afraid of the answer I could get, but somewhere in the last 5/6 years of my life I forgot how to be bold, how to ask for what I want without pre-imagine what the answer can be.

Most of us don’t take action, don’t ask for what we want, don’t request things from someone else because we are afraid they will reject us, that they will think we are greedy, that they will just say no. But what we don’t realize that the inaction is even worst than getting a rejection.

Reality is that we just stay inactive because of fear, because at least we feel ‘safe’ with not knowing the answer, with knowing that ‘someday’ we might get the courage to ask for what we want and maybe if we are lucky we’ll get a YES! But that is just bullshit. That is just lying to ourselves.

The truth is, that if we make bold decisions, if we take the courage NOW to ask for what we want we do not delay the reality. If we get a NO we can move forward with something else, we are free of making a new decision, we learn something to be able to grow and maybe ask again later with more information and knowledge.

Getting a rejection is the best way to learn, is the best way to build confidence (only if you learned something about it). Getting a rejection and keep moving toward your outcome will always make you grow and learn. Inaction won’t only make you a dreamer that won’t achieve anything in life.

So you get to choose… do you want to dream or do you want to achieve things in life?

If you are anything like me or my clients I bet your answer will be that you want to achieve things in life. So GET BOLD, be BOLD… don’t be afraid of asking for what you want. The worst thing it could happen is they say yes and you don’t learn anything new, the best thing could be that you get a rejection and you learn something that will drive you closer to what you want.


If you’d like to learn more about the book, click here to get a sample of Amir’s book.

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