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I’ll give you my secret formula below of how to actually get stuff done! But first I’d like to ask you:

Has it ever happen to you that you are all excited and pumped-up and all of the sudden someone says or does something that demotivates you? Or even worse, time passes by and you completely forget about that important thing that you really wanted?
Personally, I hate when that happens, but thanks god I have found my own solution. So, with no further ado, here are some tips that have worked for me:


We know how important our peer group is. So find yours! I can’t stress enough how important this is. So go out and find a group of people that will listen to you and will have your back no matter what, that will be looking to encourage and support you along your journey. 


It’s proven that by sharing what we are after, increases the probabilities of success, and if someone throws a shitty comment or opinion, just breath and move on. Don’t waste your time listening to negativity; it’s just the opinion of one person from 7.5 billion that there are in this beautiful world.


We don’t realize how important this is, but if you belong to Tony Robbins’ world you probably have heard it a million times, and I will explain you why this is so important. It’s really simple, when you contribute you grow, when you contribute you learn from others, when you contribute your heart and mind expands because human beings do more for others than they are capable of doing for themselves. So, by contributing you’ll be eliminating any negative thought that might have been thrown your way and your mind will be more open for ideas.


Taking action is not overrated. It’s 100% true that when you stay out of your head and just take action (any action! even baby steps!!!) you get all those voices inside your head out, and you are able to crush it! When you keep taking consistent action is when things happen for you. And you know something even better? If things don’t unfold as you planned it’s probably because you needed to learn something and re-align yourself. So take massive action and learn from every step you take.

My Secret Formula

To achieve anything I want I have an accountability group.
Yes, it’s that simple! I have a group of people that are my cheerleaders, that encourage me every step of the way, that help me when I’m stuck, that provides me resources. And also it’s a place where I can contribute, where I can share my knowledge, where I can support others in their own journey as well as learn from their experiences. 

If you need help finding the right group for you, let me know, in my Tony Robbin’s family there are tons of masterminds, accountability groups and places I can refer you too (no strings attached, no affiliate links or anything like that) that I truly believe can help you get to the next level.

With love and respect,