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Achieve anything you want

I believe that you can achieve anything that you set yourself to. You have everything you need within yourself, we all do. We have an immense amount of untapped potential awaiting us to discover it and make all our dreams come true. 
What are you waiting for?


Keeping a positive mindset towards life is vital for success. Together we'll work on your limiting beliefs, create new empowering stories and reinforce your strengths.

Goal Setting

It is key to know where you want to go in order to achieve anything in life. So the first thing we will do together is work on setting clear goals and creating strategies to achieve them.


Celebration is key to build confidence, and confidence is key to build success! So, I'll be your number one cheerleader, we'll be celebrating each one of your steps.

How can I support you

Free FB Accountability Group

FB Tribe.
Free resources, strategies & tools.
Group Accountability.
Bi-weekly Group Calls.

Exclusive Accountability Group

One Time 1:1 Goal Setting Coaching Session. Accountability Group Calls Twice a Week. Chat & Support

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching Sessions.
60 minute calls.
Contact me to find out about different Plans: 3-month / 6-month / 12-months

Speaking Engagements

To find out more about speaking engagements send an email to or click the button bellow

Intense Coaching Package

In the Intense Coaching Package, we meet every week, we will use my signature Check-up Process and much more.

Happy clients

This is my life and business coach. She's so amazing, I highly recommend her sessions. She helps me focus on my goals, organize myself in order to reach them, and work on my weaknesses until they become strenghts. Needless to say, she's a wonderful human being, willing to help everyone. Thank you Laura Castro for your kindness and sensibility. ❤️
Daniela Santi
Actress / Singer
Laura is an amazing business coach who really knows how to get you to the next level. She takes the time to REALLY get to know you by understanding what you and your business really need, where you find yourself "stuck" and how to unwind from the day-to-day challenges by taking it step by step while seeing the process looking forward. I love working with Laura, she has a great deal of fun healthy energy, I love celebrating my weekly successes with her every time we meet, and am loving the results we're getting! Thank you Laura!
Esther Levy-Bremer
I'm a pretty skeptical person, and not knowing much about life coaching, I started with her 5 months ago, when I was unemployed, stressed out, running out of money and and struggling to move out of a bad living situation. But I have big aspirations and the time seemed right to seek help that wasn't counseling, but more coaching to get me to the next level. Laura's coaching and insight helped me find my way around numerous barriers, that lead to TWO really good jobs (one short term, one long term) several great interviews, and several more leads I didn't end up following up on. I found a great place to live, and most important, I jumped into serious work on starting my real goal, starting own company. That's up to me now, and I know that she will play it down, but her compassionate, direct style have helped me immeasurably in improving my motivation, self-discipline, and self-awareness. I would without hesitation recommend Laura as a life coach to anyone.
Phillip Giarratano


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