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You might ask yourself what are ‘Life Reminders’ and how they can help you. Well, I was having a coaching session today with a client and I shared with him a tool that I use to help me keep focus. Afterwards I asked myself how was it possible that I haven’t shared it with everyone yet!!! So here I am, writing to share this tool that will help you stay focused and on target.

Some time ago I was listening to an audio from Dean Graziosi and I came across this tool that I think is GREAT and so simple that anyone can use it! So with no more further ado here it is:

STEP 1 – Find out the times of the day when you need yourself a little boost

STEP 2 – Put an alarm in your phone with a phrase that will remind you to focus on your goals

For example, I set 3 alarms:

  • 6:00 am –> Live, love & energize
  • 9:45 am –> Focus and be courageous
  • 5:30 pm –> Embrace patience and be grateful

life reminders

The first alarm boosts my day, reminds me to be loving, to exercise and to live my life how I want it to be. The second alarm goes on when I have already dropped my kids to school and I’m back home and I’m ready to get to work. And the last and 3rd alarm goes on when it’s usually the most chaotic time of the day… when the kids are tired, and I need to start battling with getting them to take their bath, have diner and get ready to go to bed, so it reminds me what kind of mom I want to be.

So now you know it! It’s really simple and anyone with a phone now-a-days can do it!

You can also use your calendar for specific days… example every Wednesday you can have an appointment with yourself with the question ‘What have you accomplished this week?’ and if you feel you haven’t been showing up to yourself how you desire you still have 2 days to change that and make something about it.

Hope this tips/tools work for you. If you liked them, of find them useful please leave a comment below, or share what tools do you use to help you keep on track.

Looking forward to read you.

With Love and Respect,