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Beginning of this year went through a tough experience. I was in Buenos Aires, Argentina (my home town) and a couple of days prior to getting back home I found out that a dear friend of mine here in the U.S. has M.S (multiple sclerosis). I have to say that it’s a freaking shitty disease. Truth to be told, I went in shock for the first couple of minutes and then I asked myself what the hell was I doing and I started reading about natural ways to heal your body when you have this autoimmune disease.

This amazing woman deserves the best, I thought. If you ever meet her, you would agree with me that she is loving, she is strong, she is beautiful, she is intelligent and she has a great sense of humor among some other amazing qualities.

So when I came back home I went to see her… you would imagine that someone that just got this disturbing news would be somewhat depressed or down, but one more time she taught me a lesson.

She was once again a super hero. She was strong as she could have been, by the time we got together she had already started reading success stories about people with her same disease, she is an acupuncturist so she was giving her treatments to herself, she was reading about new ways to support her inmune system and beat this awful illness. And you know what I know she will beat this shit, because she has her mind set to it. And I truly believe that the mind is the most powerful organ that we have. If our mind wants it, it could even make our heart stop beating.

I learned a lot from her, and I keep learning. We are all different but we all have the ability to create change in any given second. We all have the capacity to decide what we want to focus on.
So make yourself a favor, learn from her as well, and always guard your mind, always feed it with the most beautiful things you can encounter in this world, and you will have a life full of joy, energy and happiness.