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Have you ever had a realization? I just had one and it’s that ‘I suck at writing’.
I’m trying my best. I’m thinking all the things I want to tell to the world and all come in perfect shape and with nice words when I’m in the shower, driving or in a coaching session, but as soon as I sit in front of the computer my mind goes blank.

So I decided I might only post inspirational quotes that helped me through my roughest days. And if anything amazing comes up to my mind (when I’m sitting in front of the computer) I’ll write it, but I won’t force myself to do so… I hope you understand.

So that being said, I just posted another quote that my amazing coach said to me in my last coaching session when I was having trouble finding a solution. The quote reads:

As long as you keep thinking there is no solution, there won’t be one.

And you know what? As soon as she pointed that out, I thought of a solution! It was amazing, it was like someone unblinded me.

I’m usually the kind of person that LOVES to untangle problems (and things) and I was being unable to solve this specific problem and it was driving me crazy! But as soon as I gave myself the opportunity to believe that there was a solution and that I was going to find it, it appeared.

So always keep in mind that there is a solution out there for any kind of problem, you just need to allow yourself to imagine, explore, question yourself, be curious and trust your gut, and the solution will come.

Remember: You always have a choice and things are happening FOR us not TO us; so finding a good meaning to your problem will also help you move toward the answer.

Here are some questions that might help you find good meaning to a problem:

  • What is good about this problem?
  • How is it serving me?
  • Conflicts are good because __________


I hope this post helps you in some way… if it did, please leave a comment below and tell me more about it, or you are more like a shy type and don’t want to leave anything public write me an email or call me. I’d love to know about your stories and see how else I can serve you.

With all my love,