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Some things you should know about me and how I work:

1. I COACH EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE. I coach people that are in charge of their lives and take responsibility for their decisions / actions,  and don’t see themselves as victims.

2. I DON’T HAVE A PROGRAM TO FOLLOW. I like to be present with you on our meeting, therefore I do not use any template. I like to really see what’s going on your life, hear what’s happening, work on your next big project and let the conversation take its own flow.

3. I’LL APPRECIATE YOUR HONESTY. I will be 100% transparent, I promise I would not hide anything (at least consciously). I will be truthful and open, I will be vulnerable and caring, and I will appreciate your honesty. It’s hard for me to work with people that are not being truthful because it means that they are not being honest with themselves. 

4. I COACH RESPECTFUL PEOPLE. I coach people that take their time and my time seriously. That means that arrive on time for our sessions, they try not to exceed the cap time that we have set aside and if by any reason they need to cancel they let me know at least 24hrs or more prior to our scheduled time. They do this because they know the value of time, and they understand the importance of respecting other people’s time (including yours).

5. I COACH PEOPLE THAT PLAY FULL OUT. I coach people that are committed to the process. I’m 100% their team player and will do all it’s in my power to help them get to the life they deserve but they do their part too. This is essential to any human being growth and they know it.


monthly commitment


1 hour sessions
3 sessions per month


6 months commitment

$3150 $2700

1 hour sessions
3 sessions per month


12 months commitment

$6300 $4860

1 hour sessions
3 sessions per month
1 free session