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Probably you will think why am I writing about Teacher’s Day in September?! Well, yesterday (September 11) was teacher’s day in Argentina, where I am from. And since teaching runs in my family I wrote something to my mom that triggered me to write this post.

Besides my mom being a teacher, she is a mother, and while writing I started to notice all the similarities between a teacher and a mother, father or any tutor a kid/person can have in its life.

So my email went something like this:

Mom, on this special day I want to say to you THANK YOU!

Thank you for teaching me to teach,
Thank you for your patience,
Thank you for your graciousness,
Thank you for your love,
Thank you for your teachings,
Thank you for taking care of me,
Thank you for guiding me,
Thank you for respecting me,
Thank you for educating me,
Thank you for working nights and days to make me a better person,
Thank you for providing me with high values,
Thank you for your kisses and hugs,
Thank you for tickling me,
Thank you for making me do things that I didn’t want to (it taught me how to have courage),
Thank you for being strict with me,
Thank you for trusting in me,
Thank you for putting me in time-off when I deserved it,
Thank you for ALWAYS look out for the best for me.

Thank you for being, and still be an excellent teacher of life.
Wow, right? … I look at that and I can think of both my parents, so many teachers I had growing up, people that without being teachers taught me so much in my life. I thought of my husband and kids that teach me things on a regular basis.
So today I want to say …

Happy Teacher’s Day

to all of you that are teaching others even without being a teacher by profession.